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Martinês is a dreamer who went on to both build and live his dreams. His life began in a simple way, without any indication of what he would become. Nothing in that little street soccer player could allow us to foresee how his life would unfold, other than that there was always an underlying feeling of "wanting more". Boninal, a little city in the countryside of Bahia, Brazil, was a world too small and limited for his mind. This idea got bigger and bigger until he decided  to move to São Paulo. Martinês' family though this would be a bad idea.

However, once in São Paulo, Martinês had opportunities that certainly he wouldn't have back in his hometown. He started to work and progressed through many working areas before figuring out where he really wanted to be and where he could fit in. He completed his studies and learned English. From there he was able to start working on cruise ships. Even though he gave up being a soccer player, he won the world in return.

Martinês' story is about learning, growing, overcoming and evolving. It's about breaking old patterns and moving above and beyond all set expectations. It is, after all, a story about learning to live and living to learn. It is a story rich in lessons.